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    The Hidden Dangers Of
    What Patients Should Know About Prescription Drug Safety

How Safe Are Drugs

Most people who take prescription drugs never think about how safe they might be; after all, every drug on the market has to go through an extensive process of screening, analysis, testing, and approval before it ever reaches the market. Doctors are informed of the common and uncommon side effects associated with each new drug - but is all this enough to keep people safe?

  • Negative Effects
    Harm Can Happen Unexpectedly

    Medications can be dangerous for several reasons. To start with, harmful effects may only become evident in the long term. Harm to patients may only become statistically noticeable when millions of people begin using it, not a small handful of drug trial participants. Some negative effects result from drug interactions and not from a specific drug on its own. And finally, drug misuse might be responsible for causing harm.

  • Being Well Informed
    Communication & Cooperation Is Key

    Patients may not be fully informed of the hazards associated with a particular drug in conversations with pharmacists, doctors, and other medical personnel. Medical personnel are not always fully informed of a drug's side effects. The tragic reality is that people of all ages are affected by negative outcomes as a result of using prescription drugs that were deemed safe enough for marketing and sale.

  • Drug Interactions
    Use Prescription Drugs Responsibly

    Millions of Americans use prescription drugs, and most people use these important products on a daily basis. You may be taking prescription medications for high blood pressure, depression, diabetes, or any other chronic or temporary condition. Harm is especially associated with newer drugs but even older drugs can be hazardous if misused. Staying informed of drug interactions is important but hard for many patients to accomplish.

Drug Negligence

Serious medical complications are associated with some drugs; uncontrolled bleeding, lasting disability, and even death can result from the wrong prescription drug. Patients may need to speak with a personal injury lawyer to address the pain and suffering they experience, as well as any financial repercussions associated with a medication. Talking with your doctor about drug safety concerns is a good way to learn more about these important products.

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